For Moving Flame®, timer switch is located on the bottom of candle. Slide the switch to “timer.” Your candle will now stay on for 5 hours and will turn on again 19 hours later.

For Touch Top On/Off Candles including Wick-to-Flame, turn your candle on by touching the top. Then remove your finger and touch top again, holding for 3 seconds. Candle will flash 2 times to indicate the 5 hour timer is set.

For PushWick® candles, press the wick on, off on again and hold it on until the light flashes, approximately 5 seconds.

If you purchased a remote, you can also use that to set the timer.

The default timer is 5 hours. However, if you have purchased a remote, you will have the additional options of 4, 6, 8, and 10 hour timers.

Please contact with a picture of your product and proof of purchase (if possible).

Most of our candles are made of real wax and are hand poured, however there are exceptions. All of the outdoor candles are plastic, as well as some tea lights and votives. Please see product description for materials of a specific product.

There is a magnet inside of your candle that rotates around a magnet at the end of the flame causing it to move at random and create a realistic flicker.

No. The wicks are not meant to be lit and the candle will not burn.

While our candles have a very realistic appearance, they do not radiate heat.

No, the bulbs are not replaceable.

Yes, flameless candle technology makes it safe to leave your candle on for as long as you’d like.

Remove the plastic battery cover and flip it over. On the back of the cover should be images indicating the size of battery your candle requires and the direction each side of the battery should be facing. Make sure that you have the correct battery for your candle and that all batteries are facing the right way.

Not all of our candles are remote ready. Please look at the back of the package and make sure it reads “remote ready” before purchasing.

The pillar candles will detect the remote up to 15 feet away. The taper, votive & tealight candles will detect the remote up to 10 feet away. NOTE: Not all candles are remote ready, check item listing for details.  Glitter and color of darker candles impact remote rate.

One remote can operate a variety of candles. If they are in group settings, the remote will turn them on simultaneously. If they are separate, just point the remote at each candle and press power button to turn them on and off individually.

Pull the plastic tab on the remote so the battery connects. It is important to place the candle in the ON and not the TIMER position. The remote will not function when in the timer mode position.  Now your candle should be able to be turned OFF and ON, as well as using other functions via remote control. Point the remote at the candle and push the power button.  Now your candle should be able to turn OFF and ON, as well as using other functions via remote control.

The battery is a CR2025 which can be purchased at most retail stores that sell batteries.

The battery cover is purposely tight to create the proper connection to produce the moving flame effect.  Place a quarter in the groove (do not try using other sized coins, a quarter works best.) Press down very firmly and turn cover slightly to the left. The battery compartment cover will spring open. The battery loads + side up. Line up the two cover tabs to match the housing notches and hold cover firmly in position. Place the quarter into the grove and press down firmly as you turn the cover clockwise to close. Be careful to avoid touching the wick/flame as you load the new battery into the tealight. Each tealight uses one lithium CR2450 battery.

Approximately 8 hours continuous run time. When they start to dim, they are ready to recharge.

The rechargeable candles need to charge in the OFF position for them to charge properly.

Please look at the back of the package and make sure it reads “remote ready” before purchasing.

Yes. The melting point of the candles is 135 degrees Fahrenheit, and the freezing point is -15 degrees. Lesser quality candles will begin to warp before these temperatures.

Yes, but they may vary. This will depend on the distributer and/or product. For more information on how to find out which warranties are included with each product.

Flameless candles provide the ambiance of a real candle without any mess or concern for safety.

While the outdoor candles are water resistant, they are not completely waterproof. We recommend storing the candles indoors when they are not in use.