Our business is light. So is our aim. Everything we make is designed to help people live more beautifully, productively, and sustainably. Where there is light, there's not just hope but answers.


Innovation every step of the way

An innovation company at heart, we know that creativity and execution cannot be separated.  We wholly own the infrastructure required from creation through ship.  This delivers unrelenting quality, efficiency and the capacity for blue sky breakthroughs.


Perfection is

The small details may be seen only by us but they're felt by anyone who experiences a LightLi product.


Come home to candlelight.


On. Off. Easy.

Lightli Remote


No flames means no risk.


Annual savings vs a traditional candle is approximately 75%.


Yes that means pets, too.


The same color, flicker and brightness of a traditional flame.


We want you to be completely satisfied.



Control with the tip of your fingers.

Remaking made in China.

Made in China can mean a lot of things.  At LightLi, we’re innovating that, too.


Our ideas, designs and IP are our own, developed in house whether in LA or Shenzhen.  And because we own every point in our process, our people matter. From the front office to the factory floor, our processes reduce waste from time, cost and environment.  Our goal is a company and a world that is better in 100 years than it is today.

Meet our founder

It’s a story from halfway around the world. A young boy in a poor farming village works before daybreak, then heads to school, and after dark finishes his chores.  The first of his family—and his village—to attend college, his hard work gets him noticed. He vows to never do anything less than the very best. That’s Mike Li.


If it doesn't exist, make it.

I was hosting a huge family gathering.  With kids dodging between elders and decorations everywhere.  I wanted to celebrate — safely.  We put LED lighting inside a hollowed-out pillar candle, and it worked.  It was 1999 and the modern flameless candle was born.

Founder of LightLi


Making moments into memories.

We pride ourselves on offering a candle for every type of occasion our customers might want to enjoy. As innovators, we have over 450 worldwide patents and patents pending on products including Pushwick, Moving Flame, TruFlame and Matrix Flame. The most important element for us at LightLi is the user experience. We want our customers to be happy and come back to buy more. Because wax LED candles are half wax and half electronics, a maker must be proficient at both parts to produce a perfect candle. We like to think our product is where hand-poured meets high-tech. Since making our first candle in 1999 we have never stopped inventing and improving our candles. Our state-of-the-art factories continue to lead the industry with our forward thinking technologies and vision.